Towards a community laboratory for resilience

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Food-Energy-Water Systems

Food-energy-water systems are one of AIC's flagship projects. AIC considers FEWS to be oriented under Sustainable Development Goals 2, 7, and 6 respectively.

Under the research theme of sustainable engineering and under Work Theme 2.4 of the Coastal Cities at Risk Philippines Project, AIC has been executing its FEWS flagship projects under the framework of Sustainable Development Goals 11 and 13.


AIC Installations in CCARPH partner communities

With the Coastal Cities at Risk Philippines (CCARPH) project, we introduce our initiatives in this document towards the creation of an AIC Community Laboratory for Resilience.

Institutionalizing towards an innovation center in Pasig City

RAVE Park, Pasig City
2 April 2021

AIC and CCARPH have partnered with Pasig City's Rainforest Adventure Park (RAVE Park) to deploy some of AIC's FEWS towards the building of a Pasig Innovation Center, a community laboratory centered on disaster risk reduction.

2021-05-10 Pasig AHW & Nearcloud Deployments.pdf

Barangay Maybunga, Pasig City
24-25 May 2021

AIC installed a solar-powered auto hand washer and a NearCloud module in Barangay Maybunga, Pasig City.

Maybunga, Pasig City installation May 24, 2021.pdf

CCARPH Resilience Toolkit

See more of AIC's technologies in the CCAR Resilience Toolkit Website

AIC-CCARPH Researchers

Dr. Gregory Tangonan

Mr. Paul Cabacungan, Ms EcE


Dr. Fabian

Mr. Reymond

Engr. JP Mamaradlo

Dr. Nathaniel Libatique


Engr. Neil Mercado

Mr. Carlos
, MS EcE


Engr. Paul